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Creating a New Blueprint for DSOs: People Services Organizations

We’re a new-wave dental group that is here to support your private practice, create a world-class patient experience, and encourage innovation.

Built to Grow Your Practice

We want to help you grow your practice while living a more balanced life. Our team will cover all of your management needs so you can put your attention towards being a great dentist while our team handles staffing, HR, billing, and more.

Excited to Help You Thrive

We’re dentists ourselves, so we know first-hand how difficult it can be to see patients all day and then balance the books at night. That’s why we created Blueprint Smiles — so you can remember what it feels like to enjoy going to work again.

Lightening Your Load

We take care of all the parts of running a dental practice that you don’t want to deal with anymore. Business operations, marketing, legal, technical support, accounting — you can step back from all of it. Our goal is to streamline, simplify, and give you back those nights and weekends to spend with your loved ones.

Different From the Rest

We’re not your typical DSO. Our organization is built around the goal of creating a great experience for our whole team — partners, associate dentists, and support professionals. We work a convenient, flexible schedule, provide ongoing training opportunities, host charity drives and doctors’ events at local breweries, and encourage a sense of humor!

Our Core Values

Respect time

It’s limited!

Me To We

We’re better together

Cultivate Happiness

For yourself and others

Be Grateful

We know how lucky we are


Own your actions, lead by example

The Result? Work. Life. Thrive!

Want to Start Talking?

If you’re a dentist in private practice who wants to learn more about becoming a part of our group, we’d love to get to know you. Please use our contact page to start a conversation!

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