We Help People and Practices Thrive

Lighten your load as a dental practice owner or take your career to the next level while helping us provide world-class care for our patients.

What Does All This Add Up to? Work. Life. Thrive!

Your Ally as a Dental Practice Owner

If you’re a private practice owner who’s tired of carrying the load alone, we’re here to make life simpler for you. As a people service organization, we can take over the bulk of your management duties, including things like business operations, accounting, and HR, so that you can put your attention towards giving your patients world-class dental care. You’ll feel a weight off your shoulders and a rejuvenated sense of purpose!

The Next Step in Your Dental Career

If you’re a skilled, caring dental professional like an associate dentist or hygienist, we want to get to know you. Our team aims to deliver next-level dental care while creating an environment where work does not feel like work and we need the help of dedicated, passionate people like you in order to do it. You’ll love our growth opportunities, strong core values, and positive group culture!

Our Blueprint for Success

At Blueprint Smiles, we see our core values as the heart of our success. After all, that’s what separates us from the pack — a commitment to not just running a thriving business, but doing it in a way we can feel good about. Take a look at what motivates us and if you feel a connection, let’s talk!

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Our Partners

Our reputation speaks for itself - over 3,000 five star google reviews!

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Our Locations

We’re a fast-growing people service organization with a home base in the Atlanta, GA, region. Take a look at our locations!

Inspire Smiles Project

We support our partner practices in donating a portion of their proceeds from procedures like crowns or fillings to charity groups that help people in need around the world to gain access to food, clean water, medicine, and more. To help those closer to home, we also set up free clinic days to provide free dental care for members of our local communities who may not otherwise be able to afford to visit the dentist.

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