Targeting Mothers in Your Dental Advertising

Sunday, May 13 is Mother’s Day this year. It’s such a special time to celebrate the chief operators of household affairs. Not only do moms usually manage the daily operations of the home, but they also offer the love, hugs and special touches to everything they do.  Moms rock! Blueprint Smiles would like to offer a huge shout out to all of the moms out there!

Did you know that moms play a vital role in determining which dental practice their family visits? As chief operators of the family’s schedule and hearts, moms are looking for practices that work around their family’s busy schedule and one that offers a caring touch to each family member.

That’s why Blueprint Smiles can help you with your dental advertising and help you to target moms and all types of other future clients in your community. We will help you utilize a blend of traditional and digital marketing channels to reach your target. We will examine if advertising methods such as digital messaging like pay-per click (PPC), search engine advertising, Google Ads, email, and social media are effective in your area. We will also help navigate effective traditional marketing methods such as postcards, brochures and mailers. Both of these methods combined are effective in giving your marketing a wide variety of touches.

Let Blueprint Smiles help you identify and execute effective dental advertising for your area. We are dental advertising consultants that offer you a strategic partnership in advertising that will help you build and launch your dental practice.

Call Blueprint Smiles today to schedule your appointment with a Blueprint Smiles consultant to help you succeed.

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