Patient Acquisition Using Current Patient Feedback

Finding quality patients for your dental practice can be expensive. Finding them at an affordable marketing price is one of the keys to successful patient acquisition. At Blueprint Smiles, we specialize in finding ways to maximize your methods of acquiring patients for your dental practice.

One form of patient acquisition to use is current patient testimonials and feedback. This allows future patients to discover why they should choose your dental practice over other practices in your area. You should be maximizing the use of your patient kudos and compliments, and Blueprint Smiles can help.

Gathering feedback from willing patients is similar to a review. This feedback will provide a personal touch to your practice. Your current patients can highlight the services and treatments that your practice offers. The sharing of positive experiences during the process and highlighting the benefits and results will help future patients identify dental services they may also desire. Future patients care more about what your patients say about your practice more than what you say about your practice.

Try using a variety of patient feedback. Consider using video feedback for patients to share their story. Before and after photos are highly effective. Willing patients may even offer a few personal quotes that can be used to connect emotionally to future patients. If your current patient is willing to have a picture used alongside the quoted feedback they are providing, it will add one more level of connection for future patients.

A patient that has received the positive benefits of your dental services can tell your dental practice’s story more effectively than you can. Begin thinking about patients’ feedback that you can garner from your practice. Blueprint Smiles wants to improve the success of your patient acquisition. Together, we can help you achieve your dream, increase your profits, reduce your stress, and maximize the use of your patient feedback.

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