Looking To Hire For Your Dental Practice?

If you’re looking to hire a new employee for your dental practice, it’s important to hire well. Hiring new employees takes time and can be expensive. The training required for new employees is another burden on you. Hiring well is important.

Of course, you’ll want to look at a prospective employee’s resume where experience and training is listed. All of this information can help you determine if the individual has the right skills and expertise to match the needs you have in your office.

In addition to hard facts on a resume, you’ll also want to search for employees who will add other hidden benefits to your office.

  • Empathy– Your new employee may have awesome skills executing tasks, but if they’re lacking in people skills, it won’t matter. A person who is empathetic has the ability to look beyond himself or herself. A person with empathy has the ability to be sensitive to the needs of coworkers and patients.
  • Teamwork– If your new employee cannot work in a team environment, they will not be right for your practice. Your practice needs “all hands on deck” in order to give every patient that calls or enters your doors a pleasant and exceptional experience, so they will want to come back. One sour experience with a non-cooperating team member can turn patients away.

If you’re looking for the right candidate to hire for your new practice, remember to create an accurate job description, look to recruit from within your practice, take your time and look beyond the resume.

At Blueprint Smiles, we offer dental practice operations consulting to help you build your dental practice to be successful. We help in areas such as leadership skills, staff management, accounting/payroll, and financing. Call us and see how we can help you with your staffing needs.

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