‘Friending’ Facebook When You Open Your Dental Practice

Facebook is all about friends, isn’t it? You can connect with people from all around the world and not have to leave the comfort of your couch. It’s a great tool for personal connections, and it is an awesome tool for you as you open your dental practice. When you personally connect with someone on Facebook you are officially Facebook friends. Having Facebook fans is a social media connection between a personal user and your business. Therefore, if a personal user likes your dental business page, they are subscribing to your content feed and they are your fan.

Some ways to stay ‘friendly’ with your Facebook fans.

  1. Highlight specific dental procedures you offer. You can do this using a video explaining the procedure, or have a patient give a video or written testimonial about how that specific procedure benefitted them. You can also post an interesting article concerning more specifics about it.
  2. If you offer a specific service or product, you can give it a spotlight on your Facebook feed. Post pictures of the product or patients using it. You could even post a vlog of you explaining the service or product.
  3. Create personal connections between you, your staff, and your Facebook followers. Post pictures of your staff and share their stories, passions or any other interesting information that will help establish relationships between your dental office and potential patients.
  4. Connect with other local businesses in your area on Facebook. Staying current, connected and involved in your community builds relational bridges and strengthens the community that you live and work in.

If you’re overwhelmed with how to effectively manage your social media, contact us at Blueprint Smiles. We offer social media management for you as you grow your dental business. We specialize in Facebook marketing strategies and will consult with you and manage all of your social media needs.

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